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Aiptek shines light on value gear

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Aiptek is hoping to debunk the notion that quality does not necessarily imply an expensive sticker price.

The company specialises in pocket projectors and small camcorders and is promoting its new range at its booth.

Describing the brand and its products, Steven FanChiang, Sales Manager-MENA, Aiptek says, “We are a mid- to entry-level manufacturer with our factory near Shanghai. We dominate the market for pocket sized projectors and manufacture pocket projectors for business users, entertainment aficionados, Apple users as well as PC and notebook users. The V-50 is our best selling pocket projector targeted at business users. It has the strictest compliance with DLP solutions and has a brightness of 50 Lumens. It can be used in the daytime for presentations and in the night to watch movies.”

Another projector in the firm’s product range is the Aiptek Z-20 all-in-one, which is a pocket-friendly camera, camcorder, TV recorder and projector. It packs a brightness of 20 Lumens and can record content in 720p HD.

Aiptek is also promoting its Full HD (1080p) ready 3D digital camcorder, the IH3, which retails for approximately US $250. This camcorder was developed to be an affordable gadget for young, techie users.

Asked about his company’s success FanChiang continues, “Aiptek is doing very well in Europe, especially in Germany, France and Italy. We also sell a lot of products in Australia. We strive to make innovative products and invest heavily in R&D hence we can create niche products that others don’t offer.”



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