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PocketCinema T20
USB Projector
The pocket size projector of PocketCinema T20 can project up to 50 inches screen which is a good partner for your laptop.

 Features :

Make your business easy
The dimension of PocketCinema T20 is 90mm x 63.5mm x 24.5mm, and the weight is only 117g. PocketCinema T20 is very light and easy to carry for presentation. You can project Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel directly from PocketCinema T20 and easily connect to your laptop via USB port.
PocketCinema T20
No battery or power adapter necessary
When connect PocketCinema T20 to your laptop via USB port, the built-in driver will be installed automatically. PocketCinema T20 is powered via USB port from laptop. There is no battery or power adapter needed.
PocketCinema T20
Surprising long life LED light, 9 years
Compare with tradition projector with light bulb, LED light got 30% longer life. The LED can work for 9 years with 3 hours per day playback time. This means you don’t have to worry about the dead light and you can save lots of money.
PocketCinema T20
Product Specifications :

Package Name PocketCinema T20
Display Technology LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silison)
Light Source White LED
Luminous Flux 8 lumens
Projection Resolution 640 x 480 pixels
Projection Image Size
6" ~ 50" (15cm ~ 127cm)
Projection Distance 24cm ~ 203cm
Zoom & Focus Manual
Projection Source Notebook or Netbook via 2.0 USB port
Power Supply From Notebook or Netbook USB port(s)
Dimension 90mm x 63.5mm x 24.5mm
Weight 117g

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